Wednesday, June 18, 2008

With great power...

I came to an uncomfortable realization the other day. In two separate conversations, with two separate individuals, I made references to choices that I have made - or will make - using reasoning like "I try not to do too much strength training so my body remains lithe", or "according to my research, you can survive a 3-story fall if you...". It was shortly after that second statement that the epiphany occurred.

In my heart, I honestly still want to be a superhero.

Like, truly. Thinking about it now, the signs are all there. The research on night-vision goggle prices. The perching on rooftops looking out over the masses (working in construction helps out there). The planning of escape routes in different parts of the city. I've apparently been planning this for years. I've always kind of known, but I just thought it was a silly hobby. Now I know it's not. At some point in the near future, evil must be vanquished by my hand - or I will be considered a failure.

I already have my costume picked out. I figure something along the lines of Solid Snake, except I would wear a mask, of course. My identity would have to be kept secret because of my quasi-mortality (I'm still working on a serum to alleviate that) and my loved ones.

I would not use firearms in any way; silent weapons only, like swords and telekinesis. (Mental note to investigate the possibility of fire arms, though). I will also use some sort of portable version of the man-cannon, of my own design.

I would also have a monkey assistant - trained in aikido, though I haven't completely thought that aspect through.

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